Topic & Themes

Postdocs as drivers of knowledge and innovation in Africa: Confronting global challenges together

The thematic areas for the conference fall within the priorities of the AU-EU Innovation Agenda, and focus on the development of equitable partnerships, development of the research ecosystem and translating research to respond to societal and economy needs on the continent. Four key thematic areas have been identified for collaboration between EU (European Union) and African universities as part of the Global Gateway Africa-Europe Investment Package.

We would like to stress that submissions from all disciplines are invited. While the themes may appear to be slanted towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, there are important social, political and policy issues to be considered in public health, environment, technology, and science. We hope the conference will provide a space for multiple and diverse perspectives to tackling global challenges.

Join us for three days of vibrant discussion and engagement as we explore the following topics:

Public Health

Epidemiology; biostatistics; environmental health; health promotion and behavioral sciences; global health; health policy and management; health services; public health informatics; social determinants of health; health equity and disparities; etc.

Green Transition

To tackle the global challenge of climate change. Possible topics include sustainable energy, biodiversity, agri-food systems, climate resilience and disaster risk reduction, circular economy, sustainable manufacturing, etc.

Innovation and Technology

To reduce the digital divide for inclusive development. Topics include: digital infrastructure (e.g. cloud and data infrastructures); regulatory frameworks for promoting a just digital transition; data governance, data sharing, rights and data protection, cybersecurity; digital literacy and capacity building; e-government; e-commerce and e-payment systems; frugal innovation; etc. 

Capacities for Science

Research productivity; funding for science; knowledge transfer; team science and collaboration in science; mobility; research and innovation; transparency and recognition of higher education qualifications; relevance of curricula; postgraduate education; digital education systems and skills; scholarly publishing and knowledge dissemination.


Any aspects not covered above but that contribute to developing African societies.


We invite you to engage with us at our virtual conference to share your research, network and build a future for postdoctoral research fellow in Southern Africa.

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