Topic & Themes

Beyond The Pandemic: Research Now And In The Future

3 days of vibrant discussion and engagement as we explore the following topics

Higher Education Policy and Strategies for emerging researchers in Africa

The role of government, higher education and research governance on the place of emerging researchers and research on the African continent; policies and strategies to support, strengthen capacity and develop the employment, innovation and career pathways of young researchers.

Water research in time of the Pandemic

Waste water research, Water resources, Water sanitation, Water quality, Water networks, etc.

Agri-culture and food security

Agricultural and environmental research, Global change, Biodiversity, Food technology, Sustainability, etc.

Law in time of the Pandemic

African law studies, Human rights studies, Refugees and asylum seeker studies, Gender-based violence studies, Studies on violence, inequality, racism, etc

Politics and Humanity in time of the Pandemic

Pandemics have changed the course of human society. How has our society reacted, and what are the politics of the pandemia? Fields related to but not limited to: Humanity, Theology, Social Sciences, Political sciences, etc.

Models in Research

Two major types of research models or research paradigms exist: quantitative and qualitative. Research models are used to describe the overall framework used to look at reality. Here we welcome any research that makes use of a model, whether it is on using zebra fish to investigate immune responses or theoretical economic models to derive verifiable implications about economic behavior under the current pandemic.

Education, Communication and Science on the African continent

Educational studies, Language and literacy, Applied human development, Science Communication, etc.

Innovation leading the future

All aspects related to innovation. Innovations using artificial intelligence, Developments in renewable energy, Education etc.

Business and Economics

Economics, Accounting, Banking research, Business ethics, Marketing, etc.

Infectious Disease

All disciplines related to infectious disease sciences from basic research through epidemiology.

Non communicable diseases

Epidemiology of NCD, Disease prevention and management, Treatment and therapy research on NCD, Diagnosis of NCD, etc.

Exercise, health and well-being

(Pediatric) exercise science, Sports medicine, Nutrition and dietary research, Mental Health studies, etc.

The Microbiome in Health and Disease in Africa

Structure and dynamics of the healthy adult microbiota, Host-microbe interactions on the immune system, The role of the microbiota in specific diseases and conditions, Structure and dynamics of the healthy adult microbiota, microbiota-gut-brain axis, etc.

Arts and Culture

African cultural studies, Anthropology, Philosophical studies, Creative industry studies, Inequality studies, Historical studies, etc.


All aspects that stand out from other symposia, including but not limited to: Botanical and Zoology studies, Physiological studies, Military sciences, Biochemistry studies, Chemistry, etc.


We invite you to engage with us at our virtual conference to share your research, network and build a future for postdoctoral research fellow in Southern Africa.

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