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3rd Postdoctoral Research Conference of Africa

Postdocs as drivers of knowledge and innovation in Africa:
Confronting global challenges together

An in-person event: 18 to 22 September 2023,
Biomedical Research Institute (BMRI), Tygerberg Campus,
Stellenbosch University

In-person Event


Dr Palesa Mothapo
Director: Research Support and Management, Nelson Mandela University

Dear Esteemed Postdocs, Funders, Policy-makers and Administrators,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we extend our warmest welcome to the 3rd Biennial Postdoctoral Research Conference for Africa. Under the theme "Postdocs as drivers of knowledge and innovation in Africa: Confronting global challenges together," this conference stands as a platform to celebrate the invaluable contributions of Postdoctoral Research Fellows in shaping Africa's future. In an era marked by unprecedented challenges, the role of postdocs emerges as pivotal to addressing our societal and economic needs through groundbreaking research.

As catalysts of innovation, Postdoctoral Research Fellows drive the knowledge economy forward, bridging the gap between academic inquiry and tangible solutions. Their engagement directly influences Africa's trajectory in science, technology and innovation, playing a vital role in our journey to assert our position in the global arena.

This conference serves as an opportunity for postdocs to actively collaborate, harnessing the synergies within structures like ARUA-The Guild of European research-Intensive Universities, thereby fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration that is vital to groundbreaking research.

Beyond the boundaries of academia, postdocs are essential in nurturing entrepreneurship within research. Their innovative spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries transform ideas into impactful ventures. They catalyse change, not only in laboratories but also in various sectors, enriching industry, policy and society at large. Their role in the internationalisation of research helps bridge gaps between nations, facilitating a collaborative ecosystem that transcends borders.

We are excited to witness the diverse perspectives, interdisciplinary dialogues, and transformative ideas that will unfold during this conference. Together, let us celebrate the vital contributions of Postdoctoral Research Fellows, recognising their indispensable role in shaping the future of our continent.

Your presence here signifies your commitment to advancing knowledge, innovation, and collaboration for the greater good.

Thank you for joining us in this exciting endeavor. Let us embrace the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and exploration as we collectively embark on this transformative journey. 

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Postdocs as drivers of knowledge and innovation in Africa: Confronting global challenges together

You are invited to submit your abstract or workshop proposal. Submission is open to all postdoctoral research fellows doing research in Africa and beyond, as well as administrators and practitioners working on matter realted to early career researchers.

Public health

Green transition

Innovation & technology

Capacities for science

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We invite you to engage with us at our virtual conference to share your research, network and build a future for postdoctoral research fellow in Southern Africa.

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